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According to EN/ ISO/IEC 17050-1

  1. Unique identification:

Mabor Cupels ref ....................contained in our invoice # ......................dated ....................

  2. Name and address of authorised representative of the manufacturer:

                                       CORAL SAS
                                       Rec Molinar, 7 - Z. I. Circuit de Catalunya
                                       E-08160 Montmeló (

This declaration of conformity is issued under the sole responsibility of the authorised representative of the manufacturer named above.

  3. Products object of the declaration:

Mabor Magnesia Cupels and Bullion Blocks

  4. The products described above are in conformity with the essential requirements of standard(s):

Mabor Cupels are suitable for determination of gold and other precious metals by the Fire Assay method of chemical analysis, as specified in following Norms.

  5. References to the specifications in relation to which conformity is declared:

ISO NORM 11426 : 1997
Determination of gold in gold jewellery alloys
Cupellation method (Fire Assay)

§ 5.2 - Magnesium oxide cupels, usually of diameter 22 mm to absorb 6 g lead, or of diameter 26 mm to absorb 10 g lead, or blocks of cupels of similar absorption.

ISO NORM 10378 : 2005 
Copper, lead and zinc sulfide concentrates
Determination of gold and silver
Fire Assay gravimetric and flame atomic absorption spectrometric method

§ 5.4 - Cupels, made of magnesium oxide, or bone-ash cupels having a nominal capacity of 50 g of molten lead. The inside bottom of the cupel shall be concave.

  6. Signed for and on behalf of:

                                                                                CORAL SAS


  7. (place and date of issue)

                                                                                            Montmeló, 26th. April 2007

  8. (signature) (name, function)


                                                            Enric Coral



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